Love More, Wear More

Each Jill Lao piece is created with longevity in mind. Through our high-quality materials and thoughtful design, our goal is for our garments to be properly cared for and to last you for years to come. This allows us to do our part in minimizing textile waste and encouraging mindful shopping habits. Here are our easy recommendations for extending the life of your Jill Lao pieces.

Use cold water
Washing your garments in cold water helps reduce the fading of colors, plus it’s better for the environment as it uses less energy.

Hand wash when possible
We recommend that you hand wash our items. If this isn’t possible, you may put your garments in a laundry mesh bag and wash them under the machine’s delicate setting. These will help reduce the chances of visible wear and tear.

Hang dry if you can
If you can, hang dry instead of using the dryer to save electricity and to avoid fabric damage. When dealing with knit fabrics like jersey, remember to gently squeeze excess water before laying the garment flat to dry.

Dry clean when necessary
When our garment has a “dry clean only” tag, it’s because the fabric or the way it’s been constructed isn’t ideal for regular washing. When choosing a dry cleaner, choose one that doesn’t use harmful chemicals and opts for environmentally-aware choices. When it’s time for pick-up, skip the plastic cover!

Try steaming
Steaming is a quick way to get wrinkles out of your garment. You can leave your piece hanging in the bathroom while you shower. This easy trick smoothes out most fabrics without damaging or overheating them.

Treat stains ASAP
Have a stain on your garment? Spot treat it immediately as natural fabrics tend to be absorbent. Note that different fabric types will require different solutions, so it’s best that you do your research on what you’re dealing with.

Visit your tailor
Everyone has different body types and universal sizes don’t necessarily mean that everything will fit you right. Contact your tailor if you want some alterations done on your garment. Our garments are also outfitted with extra-length straps for your convenience.

Repurpose it
If you love your garment but feel like changing it up, we suggest thinking out of the box and repurposing it into something new. You can chop off a maxi dress or add contrast sleeves to a top—the options are endless!

DIY repairs
You can easily repair minor damages like missing buttons (we provide an extra piece with every garment) and small tears at home. If you’re unsure about how to make minor repairs, we’d love to help! Please send a photo to and our production team will get back to you with tips and suggestions.

Consider reselling
In the Philippines, services such as Vestido and Basically Borrowed buy your preloved clothing so that others can discover them too. Renting out your wardrobe pieces is a sustainable choice, as it increases the lifespan of garments that may otherwise end up in landfills.

Organize a clothing swap
Planning a clothing swap with your friends is a fun way to get together and to encourage mindful shopping habits. You can also save your clothes for a family member to grow into. Passing on beloved pieces adds meaning and stories to any garment.